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Flexibilling ERP for Salesforce

Flexbilling lets you create configurable quotes (CPQ), set contracts, deliveries and send prepaid or postpaid bills. Moreover you can also manage your purchases, receipts and do your stock management with stock transfers.

As a result,increases sales on average by 18% to + 31% and productivity by 20% to 28%.

Created by Ubiclouder

Best value CPQ ERP and billing system in Salesforce
for small and medium business (SMB)

Sell with cross-selling and upselling

Packaging you offering is helping sales to create more deals. A package combines main pricing rules, options, up-selling, cross-selling. It permits to increase customer average basket. And package have also a role to guide junior sales on what options are available inside a package. Also It serve to guide sales in complexe configuration.

Create advanced offers in 1 click

It allows you to tailor the offer to customer needs during promotion period and boost sales. Else, it you can tailor frequent customer requests in templates which can be reused.

Generate mass invoices

Invoices are generated in bulk, send to the customer by email and they are transmitted to the accounting software. Our solution folows European VAT rules and can be adapted to any legal requirements.

20% to 28% Productivity Gain

Reuse existing advanced offers to build new quote in one click allows you to a huge productivity gains. It also reduce configuration errors for junior sales or complex configuration. Another gain is with mass invoice generation and automatic emailing. 

18% to 31% Increase sales

Using cross-selling and upselling, you can increase customer basket. Using package, you guide your sales to propose more options. Finally using one click quote, you can offer preconfigured sales in 3 seconds.

100% integrated in Salesforce

The strength of the concept is to fully integrate into Salesforce in the management of quotes, opportunities and price books.

Quote configuration management

It adapts to all market needs:

  • Quotation for configurable sale.
  • Flexible pricing using formulas and workflows.
  • Calculate the forecast monthly income.

It can adapt to any advanced pricing need.

Composed Packages

The packages fit together to create a configuration BOM (like Russian dolls). This makes it possible to create configuration models that adapt to all the complexities of needs and to guide sales representatives in configuration choices.

Flexible pricing and quantity calculation

Each package makes it possible to calculate the prices based on the price book and using formulas and other variables, options, obligations and recommendations are offered automatically.

Flex billing en vidéo

La solution existe en français et en anglais. Elle peut être traduite sur d’autres langues. 

Dans la vidéo, vous trouverez une brève démonstration d’ensemble des fonctions d’offre flexible et du système de facturation récurrente basé sur:
1) Création de devis flexibles et rapides avec les packages.
2) La gestion des contrats flexibles.
3) Le processus de facturation en masse.


Free Startup

Special offer for startups and SMB
0 Monthly
  • CPQ
  • Contract
  • Billing
  • Max 3 users


Boost your business
24 Monthly
  • All Free Startup functions +
  • Template quotes
  • Automatic Mass invoicing
  • Validate invoice
  • Automatic invoice PDF generation


From 100 users
18 Monthly
  • All Free Startup functions +
  • Template quotes
  • Automatic Mass invoicing
  • Validate invoice
  • Automatic invoice PDF generation

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