Flex Billing is the cost-effective
Subscription Billing for Salesforce

Above all Configured pricing, recurrent invoicing, Prepaid/Postpaid 


It’s a recurrent billing system which includes a capability to modelise complex pricing scheme using packages, up-selling, cross-selling, mass billing in a cost effective way, high velocity sales. Therefore, it permits pricing flexibility using formulas, packages, options, recommended and mandatory options. It fits all SMEs market needs including subscription business model changes. – Manage Flexible Quotes. – Manage Flexible pricing using Salesforce formulas. – Contract and Addendum management. – Generate draft invoice and final invoice. – Report montly revenue operations.


In addition to complex pricing and recurrent invoicing : – Create opportunity in a second using templates. – Designed with standard opportunity. – Manage recurrent and non recurrent invoices. – Friendly customer PDF invoices grouped by service. – Designed for mass invoices generation.

Complex pricing usages

Typical usages for complex pricing included the following: – Datacenters requires calculations of monthly fees for servers are based on memory/cpu ratio and consumptions. – Real Estate pricing calculations are based on square meters and optionnal services offers. – Audit and consultancies firms can be integrated with our project management and mobile time tracker application to bill consultant hours. – Building and constructions pricing calculation are based on square meters and activities evaluations. – Publication and Event agencies services are based on publishing adverts position and size, agency on hours rated by profile. – Trainings require pricing based on number of attendees, place, on hours rated by trainer profile.

Video presentation

Demo configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contracts, Adhoc and Recurrent billing

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Flex Billing
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Flex Billing
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Flex Billing


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